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The Saturday Afternoon Kids Club


Saturday Afternoon Kid’s Club
H.A.C.K. has always run the Saturday Afternoon Kid’s club where youngsters from the local communities came along to learn all aspects of pony welfare and the responsibilities as well as the fun side of owning and looking after a pony. Boys as well as girls have enjoyed and taken advantage of this opportunity and facility provided by the senior members of the H.A.C.K. team who by the way are all volunteers themselves. This service has been free of charge.
Twice a year we have held small competitions on young handlers, each child was given a pony to look after and had to produce the pony for the ring, with good turn out and handle the pony in a correct manner. Obviously all won a rosette and a small prize. One of the kid’s then went on to win at county level “Best Handler in Hand”. To the delight of everyone.
Some times as a treat we take youngsters to a local horse show, where they enter in a class with a designated pony to enjoy the showing side of the sport. Not only does this give the youngster a chance to show off their skills it also instils confidence and self assurance.
We also give the chance to many of developing their skills further and introduce them to the Fund-Raising side of the charity.  Many have made great head way in organizing events under the guidance of senior members of H.A.C.K. and in doing so gives them a chance to enhance development and learning opportunities in all aspects that will hold them in good stead for the future . Age groups are 11 -19 although we do have younger members, these need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
We have many young adults who come along to volunteer for the Duke of Edinburgh awards.  We also do a volunteer adults scheme who want to learn about horse welfare, these are structured programmes.






                                                                                       Janie teaching why it is necessary to removed the highly poisnous plant Ragwort


Summer Holiday Club

During this summer school holidays we have held Holiday "kids" Club days for youngsters who wanted some activity involving ponies although this has been limited due to a lack of funding.





A Walk around the Alyn Waters Park, a safe and vehicle free area for the youngsters to try out their handling skills