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The Educational needs of the Sanctuary are met by Pamela Bluck, and Jane Lloyd  but there is also the opportunity to attend specialist  lectures and demonstrations all concerned with the welfare of the horse and actually meet the experts in their particular field


Pamela Bluck                                                      Janie Lloyd      


                                                                 Karen Peers


Pamela Bluck has spent a life time with horses, and is very experienced and knowledgeable, she is a farmer’s daughter and the love of horses have spanned many generations in her family. Her grandfather bred the Shire horse and was well known for his success and pride in producing such a fine animal. Pamela is dedicated to the welfare of the horse and works tirelessly on its behalf.

She also feels that being able to handle and groom the ponies has a great many advantages and benefits to many children and young adults and for special needs from all backgrounds and has organized educational programmes to help such youngsters.  Education is the way forward for all concerned and if it helps others on the way then so much the better.

Jane Lloyd was once a Saturday afternoon club kid and her dedication to the welfare of the horse is to be applauded. Although Jane works full time she still manages a great many hours each week at the sanctuary and is passionate about education and works well with the children and young adults running many different educational programmes. She is proof that the Saturday Afternoon kids club really works and now in her early 30's after a great many years at H.A.C.K. is a knowledgeable and experienced person and a very good member of the team.

Karen Peers is The H.A.C.K. Child Protection Officer who is qualified in her field of childcare and special needs and organises supported visits of special needs children and young adults  and those with diabilities to the sanctuary during the summer months.  Karen brings with her the knowledge and requirements that such visitors need. She also has a good basic knowledge of horse welfare.