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Special needs

Special Needs children and young adults are given a designated time on a Tuesday afternoon. These children are accompanied by their carers. These are limited spaces and only available during the summer months

Meet Karen Peers our child protection officer who organizes vsits to the sanctuary 


This is Cai, who just loves Ezzy, he is a regular visitor to H.A.C.K. he also likes to feed the chickens and collect the eggs. He has been a regular visitor ov er the last few, how he as grown


Disabled and special need children and adults also have various times when they can come and see all the animals and spend time with them, these children will come with carers. who are responsible for their charges needs We also support adults who need support when going through lifes trauma's

Spaces are limited and it must be noted that we are not a Child sitting service and such visitors must be accompanied by their carer's

These are just some of the groups who have come to H.A.C.K..

  •         Children in care.A designated time is set aside for special needs. Bryn   Melyn Care, Bramble House, Bersham Wrexham and Prospects School, Bersham, Wrexham, are both participants on the Tuesday afternoon scheduled lessons, with their carers, and one child has now also integrated into The Saturday Afternoon Kids Club and mixing with other children, she is doing extremely well, the home is very pleased with her progress and development. She really enjoys her time with us and her behaviour has improved greatly.


  •         Young carers. We are now in a working progress with AVOW in setting up opportunities for young carers to spend organised relief time at the sanctuary giving them a short respite and freedom from their daily routines.

Young carers enjoying the animals at HACK




  •          Direct Health also uses the Sanctuary premises for visits of carers and their charges, usually children with medical and behavioural problems. The animal involvements for these children seem to have enormous benefits.


  •        Colleges and schools have also become involved with the sanctuary they are given educational talks on horse welfare and other animals and are given a tour around the sanctuary identifying different cases.

10th October 2011 Northop college spend an afternoon at H.A.C.K. learning about the different cases helping to improve the education of animal welfare





  • Special Lessons

Other Children enjoying a day with H.A.C.K.


Our child protection officer Karen with her young charges who are enjoying the hands on experience with Lenny and the other ponies.  Karen works with and supports many children that benefit from H.A.C.K.'s theraputic programme


Group Visits - children from play groups, schools etc and elderly visitors

This is 81 y.o. Awenna (pic right) who just loves the donkey's and visits from time to time with ther support worker

The Sanctuary was awarded (just before Christmas) through the local authorities the Wrexham Excellency Award. Through our education programme which includes disadvantaged children.

Here is Janie and Pam with the award while Chester looks on

To achieve the Wrexham Award for Excellence each organisation had to provide evidence across a wide Range of organisational governance and show the levels of participation Young People have in the running and planning of activities.