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So you want to own a pony
The idea of having a pony of your very own, is to  a great many a dream come true, but do you really know how to look after him in the correct manner, can you provide for all his daily needs, do you know what  his basic daily feed intake should be to maintain his body weight and all that is necessary inclcuding fresh clean water that keeps him healthy and well.  Can you tell when he is ill, or when to call the vet and what about his teeth,...... will  he need the Dentist and then there is the farrier to keep his hooves in good order.
It is a misconception that horses just live in fields and can look after themselves.  They are creatures of habit and thrive on a good daily routine.  If you do not know how to look after a pony then he will end up like Teddy who suffered greatly and sadly did not recover from such sheer neglect.  He was a valiant little pony who just loved you back, so why did he end up like this. Sometimes it is through a lack of knowledge and ignorance.
So.......... if you want to own a pony.........Lets do it the right way....... together






The” So,........... You want to own a pony” educational programme is intended for the younger person. We aim to make this a more fun way to learn about what owning a pony really entails.
  • It covers “Your dream pony , its breed, colour and markings, points of the horse.
  • Where you are going to keep the pony.
  • The Field – Livery/home. poisonous plants
  • Types of Fencing –
  • Stabling – shelters.
  • Nutritional requirement
  • Grooming equipment
  • Handling
  • Hooves
  • Basic First Aid.
  • TACK
  • Riding and Road Safety



Your Dream Pony.



  • To encourage the youngsters to interact, and discuss their favourite type of pony. To keep a work book and stick photo’s, cuttings information etc to use as a reference
  • To learn the different colours, markings and breeds.



  • Points of the horse



  • Hooves




  • Where would I get my pony from?



There will be various HACK ponies available for hands on experience

Where are you going to keep your pony?

  • To give options on how and where to keep a pony. From full livery, DIY Livery or keeping a pony at home.


The Field
  • How big does the field have to be.....what area of space does a pony require? And what about addition ponies that share a field.
  • Grazing. Poisonous plants . Keeping the field clean and safe.
Hands On..Identification of poisonous plants and removing pony droppings from the fields
  • The Best Types of fencing

Also Hands On
Stabling and Shelters
  • Do all ponies need to be stabled? Alternative options.
Also Hands On


Stable Management
  • From different types of Bedding to mucking out, tying up hay nets, and scooping out. + basic stable manners
Food and Water - Nutritional Requirements.
  • Including How to feed a horse.
  • Rules of Feeding.
  • Daily requirements. Food and Work.




Includes Hands On. Basic Feeding
  • How worms affect the horse. A worming programme
Grooming and equipment
  • All aspects of grooming and the equipment needed including picking out hooves.

Both/Hands on
  • From learning to put on a headcollar and leading, the correct way to tie up a pony. To eventually learning how to Bridle and saddle in the correct manner.


Both / hands on


Basic First Aid.
  • Basic introduction to first aid in horses and equipment needed
  • Identifying and the use of equipment and TACK also to include the correct way to rug and the various rugs and their uses
Both/Hands On
Road Work.
  • Road safety – horses on the road.
Addition Lessons can be incorporated if required.


It is intended that the educational programmes will be offered free to youngsters who want to learn about how to look after ponies/horses and the H.A.C.K. Horse Sanctuary will be looking towards finding support/funding/grants from various organizations and trusts

The First Exams took place at the sanctuary in October where 10 students took part, and all past. The awards ceromony took place on Thursday 27th October where Prof. Derek Knottenbelt presented the certificate awards.
Also supporting this event was Graham Capper the Local authorities Senior Animal Welfare Officer and Lesley Griffiths Welsh Assembly Member and local councillor Malcomn Williams.


Graham Capper           Prof.Knottenbelt                         Lesley Griffiths                                         Pamela and Jane


             Amber Flewit                                                                       Emily Clark

 Grace Warman Jones                                                  India Whyte                                                             Lisa Humphreys


Bethan Crowther                                                                  Bethan Holt                                                                       Loretta Feltman

Also Hayley Moore, and Carla Moore passed the exam but could not attend the awards.