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H.A.C.K. has 4 ponies and two donkeys that are very suitable for hands on experience for all children and adults. These ponies are all rescued cases and have been re-schooled and trained for this purpose. Ffion Haf, the grey pony, Robin who is brown, Sally who isTan and white,Lenny a palamino and white miniture shetland, George the Donk and Eddy the Donkey. Ffion Haf and Robin are  used for pony rides at the H.A.C.K. childrens parties.  They have also attended different fetes, open days, and shows  and George the Donk, with Buster was  invited to church for a Palm Sunday service.

Buster "Super Star" who the Educational Unit is names after. He was a brilliant little pony and was loved by a great many people.


Buster "Super Star" A fab little Shetland Pony - Sadly Missed

Sally who is a standard Shetland Pony - she has a lovely nature but a little on the lazy side. Loves to be groomed and fussed




Robin   is a Welsh Sec A and a real little character - he knows a trick or two and is ideal for our lead rein activities

Daisy - is our old timer, she is a Welsh Sec B and has a lovelt nature- she has been out on loan and has come back as she was sadly out grown.  Daisy takes part in all Kid's club activities and ejoys being around the kids.


Lenny - what a little monkey - Miniture Shetland Pony stands just 28" high - fun loving - cheeky, such a fab character - and loves the kids




George The Donk. George has been with us a very long time, he has always helped with educating the kids in his own stubborn way....such a sweetheart  

Eddy Another little Donkey who like to be groomed and fussed but Eddy is not able to do a great deal because of ill health, but he likes to join in with the nicer side of work


And soon to inroduce Agnus and her foal Little Roo, Roo is so friendly she just wants to be your friend.



If you would like to support these ponies in the good work that they do and help to secure their future then please donate at   Thank You